Single Origin Coffee Box


If you are a coffee lover, you owe it to yourself to try our selection of single origin Spaceman coffee.

What's in this Box?

Value: $49.50

Timor Single Origin 340g (Retail $16.50)

These Arabica beans are selected and imported directly from Timor Leste with upfront caramel and toffee notes, lingering notes of bakers chocolate. 

Colombian Single Origin 340g (Retail $16.50)

From the Huila region of Colombia, this single-origin coffee offers a medium body with bright acidity, with notes of citrus and a smooth finish.

Mexican Single Origin 340g (Retail $16.50)

The fertile volcanic soils and mountainous landmass along with the favourable climate allow the Chiapas region to produce high quality coffee on farms 10 hectares and under.

Ingredients: 100% arabica coffee beans. 

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