Spaceman Coffee Premium Blend


Roasting excellent coffee is a mixture of art and science. At Spaceman Coffee we begin with careful attention to the complete understanding of our coffee origins. 

We start by selecting fair trade organic coffee beans from across the globe, which is then blended together and roasted in small batches. Once the beans are roasted, they are left to rest for up to five days to allow the flavours to develop and excess gas to escape before being packed in resealable stand up pouches with a one-way degassing valve to lock in the freshness.

Our premium blend is a four-bean blend consisting of 100% premium Arabica beans from Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia and PNG; resulting in a super caffeinated, extra smooth coffee with caramel chocolate afternotes.



Life is too short to live without the Spaceman Coffee Premium Blend. Deny Gravity, Drink Spacify.

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