Chamomile Bath Milk


Milk baths help replenish moisture to the skin and may also help alleviate itchy, flaky, dry skin. Sirius Skincare Bath Milks contain proteins, fat, vitamins and minerals. Our Bath milk takes on double duty for your skin, acting as a gentle exfoliator, and moisturiser to hydrate your skin.

Calm and hydrate in this luxurious bath. 


Coconut milk powder helps to nourish and soften skin.

Arrowroot absorbs oils/sebum beautifully and is also promotes natural healing as it penetrates the skin. 

Oat flour helps gently clean, soothe and stop itching without drying skin 

Chamomile boasts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help soothe the skin, reducing redness and blemishes. 

Tea tree oil can calm redness, swelling, and inflammation. 

*For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes or lips. Please consult your physician or midwife before using products containing essential oils if you are pregnant or nursing.*

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