Coffee Lovers Bundle

$34.50 $39.50

Calling all coffee lovers! This delicious coffee bundle features our best selling coffee products to help elevate your daily coffee routine. 

What's in this Bundle?

Value: $39.50

Timor Single Origin Coffee 340g (Retail $16.50)

These Arabica beans are selected and imported directly from Timor Leste with upfront caramel and toffee notes, lingering notes of bakers chocolate. 

Premium Blend Coffee 340g (Retail $18.50)

Our premium blend is a three-bean blend consisting of 100% premium organic Arabica beans from Colombia, Mexico and Timor; resulting in a super caffeinated, extra smooth coffee with caramel chocolate afternotes. 

Cold Brew Coffee 2x 200ml ($6.50)

Spaceman® Cold brew coffee will hit the spot when you're looking for a perfect pick me up. Each batch is expertly crafted to deliver low acid, super smooth coffee—every time.

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