Face Nectar for Dry Skin

SSLMS-1-0207-MS $19.50

This face nectar is revitalising and nourishing, blended with protective essential oils, specifically formulated to meet the needs of dry skin. 


Ingredients Spotlight: 

Apricot Kernel: The linoleic acid in apricot kernel helps to eliminate patches of dry skin and may alleviate some skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.

Argan Oil: Due to high levels of vitamin E and essential fatty acids argan oil has extremely hydrating effects for dry skin.

Rose Geranium: Has astringent-like qualities that tone and firm the skin, and its anti-inflammatory properties may help minimise red, dry, irritated skin as well.

Full List of Ingredients:

Essential oils of *rose geranium, *grapefruit , carrot seed, and *ylang ylang in a base of *apricot Kernel, *argan, *olive oil with aloe gel & vitamin e.

*Organic Ingredients 

Roller ball applications:

Rollerball applicators provide a quick, clean and effective way to apply nectars & serums. The cooling effect of using a metal ball applicator can also help reduce swelling and inflammation

Rollerball oil treatments deliver the necessary amount of product in a just a few swipes, and decrease the risk of waste (since you’re applying directly to the skin instead of applying to your fingers and then to your face). 

How to Use:

Morning & night roll this easily absorbed nectar all around your face after cleansing then gently massage in with your fingertips for a nourishing, revitalising skin treat.