Why You Should Consider Switching from Bags to Loose Leaf Tea

Something common among the many faces we've seen through the years is the unfamiliarity with loose-leaf tea. More often than not, when asking customers what kinds of tea they prefer and how they prepare it, most say they drink commercial brand teas sold in white tea bags.

There are many benefits of drinking, loose leaf tea, for starters, it is much better for the environment. While most mass-made tea bags are made of thin, permeable papers and although these tea bags are small, every single one of them adds up! Many tea bags are not biodegradable! They can also contain harmful chemicals.

What’s more is the tea factories that make, bag, and package these tea bags are an important source of pollution to our environment. These tea bags, when finished all use the raw materials of plastic, paper, and carton which are eventually discarded in landfills. Continuing to buy these tea bags not only is harmful to our planet but also concentrates profits attained in wealthy countries.

When you opt for loose-leaf teas, not only are you choosing the more environmentally friendly choice, but you are also making it more likely that the profits from these teas will reach the growers and producers!

You might be thinking, without these little bags though, how do we contain and brew our teas?

The answer to this customer conundrum is switching to an infuser!

Infusers are generally small stainless steel strainers that you place inside your mug or teapot, with your choice of loose-leaf tea inside! They allow for the water to interact with the tea leaves more so and provide you with more flavour. Infusers are also reusable and lower your carbon footprint! So, that's a big score!

If you are brewing tea for a group you can purchase kettles and pitchers that have in lay infusers specific to them! Speaking of which, switching to infusers can also save you money in the long run. Instead of continually buying, and throwing out, your tea bags, why not just allocate these funds to trying more flavours of the loose-leaf tea and brewing them in your reusable infuser?

As mentioned above, another reason that switching to using an infuser is an excellent choice is when you use tea bags you may ingest many harmful chemicals without knowing it. Many paper tea bags contain a compound known as Epichlorohydrin. This chemical is used as a pesticide and becomes active when it encounters hot water. It has ties to infertility and can be harmful to your immune system. Furthermore, it causes cancer in animals that may encounter these bags in the landfills.

As you know, most tea bags are white. This is because white typically signifies cleanliness and is a direct result of the paper used to make tea bags chlorine-bleached.

If you aren’t completely grossed out yet, I’ll add that a majority of teas sold in tea bags are not even washed before being packaged! As a result, the pesticides used on the tea plants while they grow make their way into your tea bag and into your mouth when you sip. When you use loose leaf tea especially organic you avoid these pesticides and are protecting your immune system!

In connection with flavour, the flavoured teas in tea bags are generally flavoured, you guessed it, artificially! These artificial flavouring agents are chemically created to embody a more intense and less expensive flavour.

This is not the case with loose-leaf teas. If you look at our teas, specifically our Darjeeling teas, you will see that you can visibly distinguish their natural ingredients.

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What’s more with loose-leaf teas, they're fresher and taste better and allow for more creativity. Because they are not packaged individually, as bags are, they sustain the ability to be mixed to create any flavour you desire.

If you have any reasons to switch to loose leaf to add, please comment below!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and that you find time to relax with a cup of loose-leaf tea!

Happy sipping!
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