5 Reasons Drinking Tea Will Help Keep You Healthy This Winter

The weather's getting cooler. Daylight savings time is now behind us, which means Winter is just around the corner, along with cold and flu season. But luckily, there are compensations. On a cool day, there's nothing better than curling up on the couch, wrapped up in a warm blanket, with a good book and a hot cup of tea. It warms up your entire body—and that cup of tea can contain all kinds of wonderful health benefits that can help you get through the winter.

What are some of the things tea can do for you?

1. Tea is a natural brew of hundreds of organic chemicals, many of them beneficial and essential to your health. Most importantly, among them are polyphenols, a form of antioxidant flavonoids. These are necessary for cell regeneration and fending off the effects of ageing.

2. Studies show that drinking tea regularly has a positive impact on oral health due to cavity-fighting properties. The polyphenols found in black tea can hinder the growth of bacteria in your mouth and help prevent plaque buildup.

3. Tea contains caffeine, but not nearly as much as coffee. Because of the amount of caffeine in tea it can act as a mild stimulant and give you a jolt of energy as well as mental alertness.

4. White, green, oolong and black teas all have different benefits. For example, green tea can help build bone density. Green and white teas are the least processed, therefore, they retain more flavonoids and have greater cancer-fighting properties. Herbal blends are not technically teas but they do have a range of health benefits of their own, including helping you fall asleep, relieving constipation, settling an upset stomach, reducing inflammation, etc...

5. Putting refined white sugar in your tea will definitely counteract any possible benefits that come with drinking tea. But other traditional tea additives, like honey and lemon, bring health benefits of their own. Honey contains traces of minerals and vitamins and a ton of antioxidants. Lemons are full of vitamin C which is another antioxidant that can boost your immune system and help fight off seasonal germs.

So whether you enjoy herbal or caffeinated teas there really is something to that cup of hot tea when you've got the winter blahs.

Our Favourite Winter Tea: Suborbital Tea Vanilla Chai

Keep an eye out next week for our blog on herbal tea blending recipes!

Deny Gravity, Drink Spacify.

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