Roasting excellent coffee is a mixture of art and science.

Bean me up!

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Uniquely crafted using organic sourced ingredients and ancient techniques.

Say YAY to skin health!

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We use 100% Organic tea leaves and all natural ingredients.

Pop the kettle on!

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Spacify Store is a micro roastery company offering premium coffee, tea and kombucha based products. Made with love using natural ingredients and ancient techniques.

Testimonials from Earth

Finally found our coffee! So excited that we have found Spaceman. We have been having this regularly and loving it. Now trialling a delivery :) 


Rich and full of flavour. You have to drink it black. Don't muck it up with milk and sugar! Love it and the values it's based on.


Lovely lady to deal with and great tasting kombucha!

Romelle louise

Amazing flavours!!! They taste super good I would highly recommend this Kombucha!! It’s my favourite

Paige Alexis Scelly

I absolutely love this coffee. I've only recently tried it and it's so tasty. Must add the amazing customer service and friendliness from the gentleman that creates this delicious blend 

Chloe Van Bijon

Outstanding service great tasting product and good for your gut.

Alan Vessy

Deny Gravity, Drink Spacify

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